Captain Scott Keane
Director/Principal Consultant

Scott Keane is an experienced Master Mariner, having served 23 years at sea, including over 5 years in command of oil tankers. Over the course of his career he sailed on a wide variety of ship types including Oil (both products and crude), Chemical and Gas tankers, Bulk carriers, RoRo, and Tugs.

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Scott came ashore in 2006 and for the next 4 years was employed by BP Shipping in London where he held the role of Regional Voyage Operations Manager covering all of BP’s shipping requirements in Europe and Africa.

Scott obtained accreditation from OCIMF as a SIRE inspector for Oil, Chemical and Gas tankers and conducts regular inspections on behalf of oil majors. He is also accredited as an Independent Marine Surveyor and is an AMSA Accredited Surveyor for DCV Surveys in Australia.

Scott’s depth of experience and industry knowledge enables him to deliver services to a range of stakeholders to a uniformly high standard. Over the past 10 years Assured Marine Services has provided top quality services to clients all over the world.

Pilot boat moving along at the water area of the port of Key West, Florida, USA